Soumen Sarkar, Founder and COO, brings vast expertise of over 25 years in operations, marketing and strategic management to Nexval. As COO of the company, Soumen is instrumental in driving profitability and top-line growth.
Earlier in his career, Soumen had successfully launched outsourcing efforts in India for a UK publishing group as well as a large U.S. Mortgage-backed securities firm. In 2002, Soumen co-founded Inuva Info Management, as a pioneer effort in outsourcing utilizing offshore capabilities. Inuva’s main focus was to test the waters in mortgage and banking technology by offering services out of India. By the time Inuva Info Management had a stronghold in the marketplace, it had already established itself amongst the top 3 India outsourcers in the U.S. mortgage space. Soon after, Soumen joined his brother, Souren, to launch Nexval with the vision of creating a holistic platform to deliver innovative product and service solutions for all stakeholders.