Nexval Drives Greater Value from AI/ML Investments

A major reason for low AI/ML adoption is not knowing where to start. Nexval’s Mortgage Tech Gurus leverage their decades of industry expertise to pinpoint use cases that could generate maximum value from AI/ML intervention. Depending on the use case, we provide mortgage businesses with a tailored mortgage automation solution powered by AI that is maintained by our team and configured to your business’s exact specifications.

Here's what sets Nexval apart:

Build Cutting-edge
AI/ML Apps

Our DevOps team uses infra-as- code, CI/CD automation, and other tools to build AI/ML apps and intelligent RPA mortgage bots to solve business problems. They are equipped to deliver cloud-native competencies and bring robust security expertise.

Discover Next-gen

Task automation is a low-hanging fruit for AI/ML in mortgage and the fastest to drive ROI. We provide you with 40+ prebuilt automation tools and function-specific RPA bots to automate mortgage processes and reap multitude of benefits.

Gain from Artificial
Intelligence Research

At Nexval, we are geared to break new ground in AI/ML for mortgage. Our subject matter experts bring a constantly growing body of knowledge around AI/ML research, as well as associated enablers like Python and Macros.

Discover the Potential of AI/ML for Your Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a set of technologies that can perform mortgage tasks with machine-grade precision as well as human-like decisioning capabilities. Machine learning is an AI technique that ensures the system learns as it is used. AI/ML-based systems will evolve with your mortgage business and help automate tasks with increasing accuracy. This positively influences mission-critical aspects of mortgage operations.

During document review at the loan origination stage, you can employ an AI and RPA mortgage bot instead of full-time employees. The bot is preconfigured with the necessary business rules, and new document types do not call for fresh training. The bot adapts to new templates and rules and constantly learns using ML.

Longer loan origination cycles High customer acquisition costs Soaring FTE costs when scaling the business
Effort, document, and data duplication Risk of errors, fraud, and non-compliance

These challenges translate into lost opportunities. In 2021, the US mortgage industry saw a record spike in process volumes, with $4.4 trillion in new loans originated in the previous year. But this brought down customer satisfaction by 5 points and led to longer timelines as lenders (in the absence of mortgage automation) were unable to cope. AI/ML both increases capacity and drives service quality for mortgage providers by removing the element of human error and enabling standardization. McKinsey estimates that artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) will add $1 trillion in value to the BFSI sector. Yet, only 27% of companies have used AI/ML tools for their mortgage business.

Now is the right time to make the most of AI/ML-powered solutions for your mortgage business and overcome challenges of manual processes. Trust Nexval’s automation capabilities and embark on your AI/ML transformation journey

Eager to get started on your AI/ML transformation journey?