Nexval Origination Process Automation is Designed for Your Business

At Nexval, we bridge the gap between loan origination systems (LOS) like Unifipro, Lakewood, Fiserv, Encompass, and others to lay the foundations for automation in mortgage origination. Businesses can gain from a connected workflow and unified origination process management. Nexval delivers mortgage automation bots that work across LOS platforms to dramatically shrink the workload involved in loan setup, document and data reviews, and closing procedures.

Automated Loan Setup

We use AI techniques like optical character recognition to accurately index a wide variety of data types with minimal effort. We ensure pre-qualification through automated LOS data validation for every new relationship.

Agile Document Processing

Our solution for automation in mortgage origination recognizes 800+ document types, and we are constantly growing the repository. Whether it is a RESPA review or a GFE check, it can adapt to any origination use case.

Machine Augmented Underwriting

We combine machine intelligence with human judgment to deliver error-free underwriting outcomes. Nexval Origination Process Automation is designed for fraud, appraisal, credit reporting, and other reviews.

Action a Smarter, More Improved Loan Origination Workflow

Automated origination means that you leverage RPA mortgage bots and AI tools to complete key steps in the early stages of a lender-borrower relationship. From loan setup and document reviews to risk-free underwriting, automation in mortgage origination completely transforms how you approach ops. This could benefit every origination channel; be it retail or wholesale.

Intelligent automation improves essential elements of the origination journey:

A 24/7 loan setup process that is standardized and free of effort duplication Automated validation of LOS data for 100% first-pass accuracy Faster turnaround time for new relationships without adding overheads
Greater agility to accommodate new types of origination documents and new regulations Assisting human workers to improve the employee experience and eliminate mundane tasks Automatic multi-level checks, quality control, and reviews via RPA mortgage bots