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Robotic Process Automation

Say "No" to human error and "Yes" to Strategic Transformation with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 
Automation is hands down the engine of growth for the mortgage industry. Leverage your RPA with advanced Artificial Intelligence (Al), Machine Learning (ML) and Data-Driven approach. 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) predicted to be one of the biggest trends in the industry a decade ago. Automating human activity and freeing up employees to work on more value-added projects has paved the way for innovation and productivity like we have not encountered since the industrial revolution. The mere idea of robots seemed almost like a fantasy, one that could be compared to all the talk about flying machines in the early 1900s. We have reached a time when not only automated, but smart and cognitive robots, are taking on tough processes and reducing the scope of human errors. Like today’s sophisticated planes, robotics will continue to evolve.
Adapting to RPA

The mortgage and financial sector have been prompt in adapting to automation to improve efficiency, meet compliance needs and improve customer experience. Farsighted organizations are banking on automation to take care of the productivity issue and prepare for their organizations for future growth by freeing up employees and driving towards innovation and growth. For business leaders, automation is a real game-changer as it provides agility and allows innovation and the pursuit of new opportunities that would have otherwise been impossible. By using digital labor, financial servicing companies can provide more efficient customer service without worrying about creating additional infrastructure which can be expensive. Automation is also the answer to the skill shortage that many organizations are facing. Nexval offers workforce and processing automation solutions designed to meet the future demands of the industry.

Next-Generation Advanced Engagement Interface (NexAEI)
NexAEI, a product of Nexval, works to help you achieve an intuitive, agile, and connected suite to make your workplace a smarter one. NexAEI’s array of smart solutions was designed and programmed by highly experienced professionals with the goal of creating a digitally connected workplace.

Our flagship product, NextAEI is a perfect example of Robotic Process Automation. Next AEI offers an array of intelligent solutions created and designed by our highly skilled professionals, specifically engineered to bring you a digitally connected workplace.

Our premium services include:


Contactless visitor


Smart employee
management solution 


Tailor-made solution
for remote team


Screen activity
monitoring solution 


Automated virtual


Straightforward and
easy to use payroll
generation system 


Income tax calculator
for employees


East delivery and
material management

NexAEI offers a tailor-made solution to fit your process and cater to your unique
 policy-based workflow. The user-friendly interface allows quick adaption to the NexAEI
 technology. All of our solutions are customizable to offer a seamless transition from your
 current processes.

DocuChief (DC)

Built on a tiered architecture, DocuChief (DC), a flagship technology product of Nexval, can be used both as a cloud solution and a hybrid solution. DC supports Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms and Deep Neural Learning for document indexing and data extraction. DC has helped our customers to improve turnaround time, save costs and achieve accuracy as high as 99%.

DocuChief comes with separate modules and can be used individually or in combination. 

DC Dex

DC Xtract

DC Redact

DC Mark

Our applications offer tailor-made solutions for your requirements and let you seamlessly shift from traditional workflow to digital-human hybrid model. Robotic Process Automation is designed to empower the workforce and help them realize their full potential.

Increase your profitability by making your systems more powerful. We engineer RPA solutions specifically designed to meet the constantly evolving mortgage industry.



Our product interacts with existing IT architecture with no complex system integration. Leverage your RPA with advanced Artificial Intelligence (Al) and Machine Learning (ML).









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