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Nexval Infotech is a certified Great Place to Work™ and recognized by Great Manager Institute in association with Forbes™ as being one of the Top 100 Great People Managers’ organizations in India for three successive years. At Nexval, individual career goal setting is as important as your experience, allowing us to bring about a transformation in talent that closely aligns your company contributions to your individual aspirations.

In the US, Nexval Inc is based out of Miami, Florida, a geographic Ecosystem for Financial Services businesses. While focusing on mortgage and banking services, Nexval has become a major Fintech player. As a pioneer of outsourced services to the industry, we expect to see substantial growth for both India and US locations.

Open Positions – US:

Nexval US uses LinkedIn and Indeed to post their open positions. Currently there are no open roles.

However, Nexval is always interested in individuals with Sales, Marketing Assistance, and Business Industry SME experience. If you feel your background fits under one of these categories, please reply to PDF or Word documents are accepted.

Open Positions - India:

Nexval is headquartered in Kolkata, India, a progressive city that fosters both entrepreneurship and innovation, two of Nexval’s most revered traits. In addition to the East India location, we have a technology office in Bangalore, India, recognized as the Silicon Valley of India.

Cloud DevOps Lead Architect

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No of Openings : 1

.NET Core

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Python Developer

No of Openings : 1

Our Culture:

Nexval fosters a culture of authenticity, transparency and trust. We represent positive traits that lead to organizational objectives while empowering every employee to be unique by building upon their individual strengths. Nexval is a safe place to work with a great workplace environment that encourages individuals to go beyond expectations and create more meaningful work each day. With great employee benefits in place, Nexval is where you need to be. Nexval is a blend of a certified Great Place to Work™ and a certified “Great Managers” acknowledgement. Innovation is an everyday event that embraces teamwork for adapting to newer technologies and working on some of the planet’s toughest challenges in Mortgage Technology.

Our Recognitions:

  1. 1
    Recognized as Great Place to Work™ from Great Place to Work institute 2020 - 2021, 2021-22, 2022-2023 and 2023-2024
  2. 2
    Awarded the “Top 28 Organizations with great People Managers” from Great Manager Institute & Forbes 2021
  3. 3
    Awarded the “Top 100 Organizations with Great People Managers” from Great Manager Institute & Forbes 2020-21  
  4. 4
    Awarded the “Top 50 Organizations with Great People Managers” from Great Manager Institute & Forbes 2019
  5. 5
    Won the “Best Job Creator in West Bengal in IT/ITeS -2018” from STPI.
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  1. Recognized as a company with the “Best HR Strategy 2019” by World HRD Congress.

Learning & Development

Learning is lifelong. Nexval strongly emphasizes and promotes employee learning activities by utilizing a slew of offline and blended digital programs that assist and enable a transformation of talent.


NICE is Nexval’s internal educational university that offers learning programs that facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and focused skill enhancement.  NICE provides certifications across a variety of subject areas such as compliance, regulatory and domain knowledge, as well as access to higher education coursework.


PEAC is essential to our larger organizational vision by fostering employee aspirations. With training, development and learning modules that promote workforce skillsets, PEAC paves the way for future expertise.


Hipo is a high-potential employee development program that is tailored for an recognized group of individuals. This includes people who are the rising stars within an organization. By offering clarity, energy, encouragement, and influence, we provide high-potentials with a fast-track for advancement.


Nexskills maps competency of an individual/organization across the entire workforce lifecycle (recruitment, training, evaluation, and progression) for a seamless path to employee achievement and enterprise value creation.


SKILL helps with processing employee applications in an agile manner via social networking. It handles platforms such as LinkedIn, to ensure a skill-focused and intelligent recruitment model.

Spring Board

Spring Board is a Nexval owned career progression initiative that helps professionals by providing feedback and coaching.


IJP Careers is an internal job posting program that provides employees with opportunities to work with their dream team by exploring internal opportunities.


Great organizations are a confluence of good talent, amazing technology, and intelligent innovation. At Nexval, we create and mould employee aspirations into challenging innovative projects to create an intelligent enterprise. With a great culture to support them, employees are able to create “next-generation” experiences through innovation. Individual accomplishments are charted by making great choices at the right time while using technologies of the future. Nexval empowers employees to address these challenges through continuous innovation at work by becoming part of a transformation in achieving business success.

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