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May 13, 2024

In 2024, AI in mortgages is beginning to gain momentum. 65% of lenders are familiar with AI, 22% are trialling

May 1, 2024

Ever since the 2008 financial crisis, we have seen the tightening of regulatory compliance rules in mortgages. COVID-19 introduced further

April 25, 2024

Artificial intelligence is bringing about a radical transformation in the financial services sector and nowhere is it more apparent than

April 10, 2024

Generative artificial intelligence or gen AI had its breakout year in 2023. While overall AI adoption holds steady at 55%,

March 26, 2024

Real estate-owned (REO) foreclosures are among the most significant trends in the mortgage industry, especially in a strained market. It

March 14, 2024

As we come out of a turbulent few years, the mortgage industry – and the national economy as a whole

March 8, 2024

Women have been historically disadvantaged when it comes to the US mortgage and housing sector, with American women not allowed

February 28, 2024

Title companies are custodians of large amounts of sensitive data, from payment records and tax information to social security numbers.

February 21, 2024

A strong mortgage quality control (QC) function is essential for lenders not only for compliance risk mitigation – it also

February 16, 2024

As servicing costs continue their upward trend, businesses need to adopt mortgage process automation services from experienced vendors such as

January 31, 2024

As servicing becomes increasingly more digitized, there is a need to prioritize building a people-first digital framework. Already, mortgage servicing

January 24, 2024

2023 saw a significant increase in delinquency rates, with commercial mortgage delinquency, in particular, rising in December for the third

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