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Innovative and Cost-Effective Solutions that Accelerate the Digital Success Process. 
We have a consistent track record of offering innovative and cost-effective IT solutions to our mortgage banking customers. Our technology solutions are engineered to ensure tighter operational controls, improved process management, streamlined workflow, volume load management, optimized time-to-market, and unmatched flexibility.

Custom Software

Nexval offers the perfect combination of technical expertise, functional knowledge, and delivery model to effectively address an organization’s software needs while optimizing their IT budget. We listen closely to capture your business requirements, provide UAT testing before final execution, then deliver the software in accordance with your service level agreements (SLA).

We provide a variety of development options that include on your site, offsite-onshore or an onshore-offshore hybrid model, all that can meet your specifications while delivering within your budget.

Our Custom Software Development Services include the creation of new applications, features, extensions, enhancements, interfaces, and complete packages. As technology evolves, our expertise also evolves.

Legacy Integration

Nexval offers continuous integration of your existing software. Your systems are mature, heavily used and contain massive amounts of data. At Nexval, we can take your legacy systems and design them to integrate with other applications within your environment.
You may think that maintaining older legacy systems is less expensive than integrating new technology. But the initial up-front cost pays off in terms of resource allocation and budget.

Often times there is no reason to start from the beginning by migrating data from one server to another. We help you create one platform that will link your outdated software and hardware that is still in use to newly updated technology like cloud services and better data integration tools.

Mobile Applications

We will take your selected data and develop to your specifications for mobile devices, enterprise assistants or mobile phones. These applications are then delivered as web applications using server-side or client-side processing to provide “application-like experience" within a Web browser.
Our mobile applications team uses a UI (User Interface) design essential for creating mobile apps. We make sure the User Interface considers the users’ limited attention, minimizing keystrokes and creating easy tasks-to-tasks functionality. Mobile interfaces (front-ends) rely on mobile back-ends to support access to enterprise systems. The back-end provides data routing, security, authentication, authorization, working offline, and service coordination.

Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Testing of software applications is an essential part of the software life cycle as software quality is a critical success factor to ensure IT effectiveness and application longevity. In the race to be the first and the least expensive in the marketplace, most organizations compromise quality testing for time-saving measures. It has been estimated that the money lost due to the lack of rigor in testing amounts to billions of dollars. This loss is accentuated by lowered effort, increased customer dissatisfaction, loss of time and performance.
In order to ensure robustness of a customer’s IT environment, while shortening development cycles and reducing costs, companies are increasingly outsourcing the testing function. Nexval’s testing services cover all stages of a typical testing lifecycle, from formulation of test strategy to the delivery of the final result. Our model approaches testing as an aid to improve the quality of the application rather than just detecting defects. Our global delivery methodology and our evolved metrics-driven testing processes ensure that our customers retain their competitive edge.

Web Development

Many templates are available to help select the correct amount of data and the workflow of the site. Web development can range from developing a simple static page of text to a complex web application, e-business forms or social networking services.

Nexval can develop your website using our designs, or your design. We can guide you through the process saving you money and time when using in-house resources. We start by gathering information, then creating a sitemap. Next we capture your ideas for design and layout. The final steps are testing, reviewing (QC) and then launching the site in your environment or a designated cloud environment. The website updating and maintenance can be done by your in-house developers or by the Nexval Web team.

Cognitive Computing

When you choose Nexval, you are selecting the Next Level of computing power. Cognitive Computing is a sophisticated computerized model that utilizes a blend of Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and the Internet of Things (IoT). Based on scientific disciplines of artificial intelligence and AI, cognitive computing uses self-learning algorithms for data mining, pattern recognition and natural language processes. Just as it infers, this type of computing mimics the way the human brain functions.

If your company is attempting to solve day-to-day problems by improving human decision making, Cognitive Computing may be the best method for you. Nexval is constantly testing the waters on this discipline. We will always suggest the best discipline (for today and tomorrow) when reviewing a customer’s needs and expectations. Our main goal will always be saving you money and using less human intervention to get the job done.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Today’s technology is quickly evolving and as a business we all have to take notice of not only what is happening today but what is about to happen. IoT describes a network of physical objects (things) that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the Internet. For the financial services’ industry, this technology will save businesses substantial money by reducing manual tasks time. Although this is not always the best choice of solutions for your business, Nexval will review all your processes and help you determine the best plan of action.

Cloud Computing

Unlike having a dedicated server to store your company’s data, cloud computing can be safer, easier to manage, and does not require human intervention to maintain hardware related to in-house servers. Nexval is one of the first companies to embrace cloud computing. Although we always offer our customers a choice, cloud computing and hosting will always be a top option. Cloud computing provides on-demand access of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, without direct active management by the user.

Nexval uses a first-class cloud provider with 4 redundant locations ( 3 in the US and one in The Netherlands) for data security and business resumption. One of the biggest advantages of cloud computing is the cost-savings, taking into consideration technology refresh rates, scaling needs, and the indirect cost of systems administration staff.

Application Maintenance and Re-Engineering

We provide expertise in all levels of support and enhancement that include initial service desk inquires, correction of application errors and preventive maintenance for packages and custom application systems. Nexval has well-defined and mature application maintenance processes that allow effective capture and reporting resolution of maintenance requests. The process supports a distributed delivery environment where work responsibilities can be effectively divided between various organizations based on the criticality of the request. Each of these activities are governed and monitored by SLA framework.
Leveraging our extensive experience on application re-engineering, we assist organizations to achieve business objectives with meticulously planned re-engineering methodology. Nexval’s proven software renovation service restores your investment in legacy systems through in-depth analysis of application sets, and business logic analysis with a data mining tools approach. Our re-engineering methodology ensures smooth transition involving data migration, and technology migration systems-testing, using tool-based reverse engineering and forward engineering methods.

Strategic Consulting Services

Nexval will enter into a consulting engagement with you to provide services that are focused on achieving greater efficiency and profitability. You determine to what extent you need our involvement.

Whether you require assistance in planning how to achieve goals set in your strategic planning session (long term goals); or reaching monthly process benchmarks (short term goals), our consultants can work with you to identify the issues, recommend solutions, develop a plan, and implement the changes.

Our consultants are seasoned mortgage bankers who understand the industry. If your business is in a growth phase, Nexval consultants can gather requirements (define the current/potential issues) and provide feedback, help you prioritize your goals, do an issues analysis, review all findings and create recommendations.

With Nexval’s staff of over 800, we also have the capabilities to implement the solutions you choose. We can be your one-stop shop for software solutions, maintenance of those solutions as well as monitoring and managing reporting capabilities.

We deliver stringent quality standards, communications, and transparency. Our expert resources offer agile development solutions integrating the latest advances in technology.

Rich experience

Rich experience in the mortgage banking domain with over a decade of demonstrated offshore and on-site software project experience

Focus on latest technologies

Focus on latest technologies, human resources and agile development methodologies

Dual shore 24x7

Dual shore 24x7, robust, distributed and secure operations to ensure IP rights protection 

stringent quality standards

We deliver stringent quality standards, communication, transparency and commitment for clients to gain measurable benefits. Our expert resources offer agile development solutions integrating the latest technologies.

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