Unlock New Opportunities with Nexval Title Process Automation

Nexval is a mortgage technology leader specializing in mortgage automation title processes. We develop cutting-edge automation tools that help you streamline every aspect of the title workflow from production to servicing and settlement. Our solutions can be deployed for standalone use cases or to comprehensively elevate your title processing capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence

Our purpose-built tools combine artificial intelligence and machine learning with Python interfaces and Macros to deliver adaptive solutions. Nexval offers 40+ mortgage automation tools and pre-built RPA mortgage bots to transform 90+ processes.

Human Expertise

We employ 1,000+ subject matter experts who continually add to our body of research and technology innovation. Nexval brings 10+ years of title industry expertise, covering title services, document management, settlement services, and more.

Compliance Guarantee

Geared to address the needs of the U.S. title sector, we are fully compliant with industry regulations and technology standards. Nexval is ISO 27001:2013 certified and complies with SOC2 Type2 benchmarks, thus ensuring highest security and confidentiality.

Search activities including refinance search, foreclosure guarantee search, and universal search Report generation such as property reports and deed reports Core procedures like title commitment and curative policy
Title settlement services spanning scheduling, closures, audits, and verification Document management through auto-extraction and image indexing

Are Legacy Title Processes Slowing You Down?

Since America’s first title company was established in 1853, the industry has gone through several waves of change. New regulations have emerged to help manage demand and control risk. Businesses have witnessed economic ups and downs, and the rise of new technologies. Most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a large-scale shift to digital, also denting home purchases. Amid all of this, title service providers continue to rely on outmoded tools and systems. Manual processes are still the norm and the landscape is replete with fragmented systems and data silos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can you integrate automation solutions with our existing systems and workflows?

Yes, we can integrate automation with your existing workflow and system. In fact, it is a key feature of title process automation. We offer a range of tools and techniques, such as APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), webhooks, and data connectors that allow exchange of data and information with other software systems, such as document management systems and accounting systems.

Q2. What specific processes can automation streamline within the title process?

Our automation solutions can streamline several processes within the title process, including title search, document preparation, and escrow management. Using our AI tool, CountyISATT, you can automatically scrape county information, create customized reports based on the county data pulled, and make title search reporting quick and easy. Our AI tool is trained in multiple counties and can be seamlessly integrated into your current system.

Q3. How does your automation solution ensure accuracy and compliance with regulations?

Our automation solution ensures accuracy and compliance while adhering to all regulations by incorporating regulatory compliance frameworks, integrating with accurate data sources, automating verification and validation of title information, sending alerts and notifications, and providing a comprehensive audit trail.

Q4. Can you customize your automation solutions to meet our business requirements?

Yes, we offer customized automation solutions to title companies. From simple tasks like data entry and processing to complex processes like examining public records and identifying legal issues, we can create tailored systems to meet your business’ unique requirements that can help you improve efficiency.