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Nexval’s Research Center was created to offer a variety of insights and guidance across the mortgage banking industry. We realize our readers need to stay ahead of the curve especially in light of the enormous amount of change in our industry.
We offer Snippets of information for those with time for only a quick read.

Our blogs are timely and written to provide additional information on what’s happening in our small piece of the world.

Our videos are meant to enlighten the reader and create interest in technology and the vision of what we see is headed our way. They are also our way of individually introducing ourselves to you via the aids of visual technology. Our hope is that after getting to know us, you'll gain trust in our team and faith in Nexval to get the job done.

Our white papers and articles are meant to generate interest in subjects of deep insight surrounding the financial services arena. Deeply embedded in research, these intuitive papers will reaffirm decisions you are ready to make.

For those seeking a shorter read, our Newsletters may offer just what you need. What we learn about, we will share it with you. Depend on us for the latest regulations news, pending legislation, and every now and then a “Who Done It” from CFPB.

This year we are kick-starting our first Webinar series. From time to time, we will reach out to our readers to solicit information on topics they would like to know more about. We’d love to hear from you!

Our Case Studies provide real challenges presented by our customers. We demonstrate how we stopped their pain and provide the readers with an outcome analysis. We know these situations, with solutions, will be impressive enough for everyone to take time out to read.

Our Infographics will be playful and allow you to look inside the walls of Nexval, get to know the owners and learn about their history.

Last but not least, watch for our soon to be released Podcasts.

Welcome to Nexval. Enjoy the ride……

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