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Since the mid 1990’s, companies have been slicing off pieces of their business processes to other companies. This is especially beneficial when volume is high, or regulations have created unsurmountable numbers of new forms and additional processes. In the mortgage and banking industries, outsourcing comes with additional risks. The biggest risk is data security and data integrity. If you are looking for an outsourcing partner, its critical you use a due diligence checklist as a guide to ensure you don’t overlook a risk that could end up as a liability.

Businesses who come to the aid of large servicers and banks should have all the certifications necessary to instill trust that the job will get done accurately, the employees are efficient and well trained, and data is never compromised. Nexval is SOC1, SOC2 and SOC3 certified. We undergo annual auditing and provide up-to-date reporting for all of our customers. We are also certified by BSI for ISO27001.

Outsourcing affords you to operate around the clock if you should choose an Offshore model. Nexval offers three methods of offshore outsourcing that can meet any customer’s needs. If you choose, you may offshore as much as 100% of your task-driven work directly to Nexval teams. You may also select our hybrid model, some of the tasks stay in the U.S., while other tasks are offshored. Option 3 is to keep all work in the U.S.

In addition to taking on task-driven jobs using all of the latest technologies, Nexval can work with you to create software and solutions using the hybrid model as well.

If Outsourcing is the answer for your company, we can walk you through the process, train on your systems, or emulate your own work environment. Investing in an onshore or offshore vendor can be difficult for any business. In addition to placing confidence in your outsourcing team, it is critical to make sure that they are qualified and meet your expectations. We are prepared and qualified to do pre-engagement due diligence. Please visit our Case Studies page to see how Nexval’s performance has changed the landscape for many companies.

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