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Document Indexing

Our integrated platform offers an expedited review and indexing of loan documents for all Business Channels. 
Document indexing makes it easy by providing the means to search and find items in documents once they have been digitized. Indexing involves identifications of specific attributes in a document to make retrieval of a document easier and accelerated. In other words, indexing is a system used to make finding information easy with the help of descriptive data sets.

Today's businesses generate a massive amount of paperwork. Utilizing and referring back to numerous documents require long-time storage. Maintaining a vast repository of essential documents is challenging, expensive and risky.

The benefits of digital documents are many:

Provides easy access to data
Facilitates real-time collaboration
Improves time management
Streamlines audit compliance
Reduces need for physical storage space
Keeps data safe and secure
Offers real-time reporting capability
Realizes a substantial ROI

Nexval's mortgage indexing solutions are designed to help classify and achieve your business-critical information by identifying, indexing, paginating, storing, tracking, and utilizing all files in an organized manner using OCR technology.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the ultimate technology platform for rapid automated document identification and data field capture. OCR is a tool designed to take a scanned document and convert it into a fully digital format.The document can then be read, and fields captured, to allow data analysis for accurate reporting.


Through its flagship technology products, Nexval automates and simplifies document processing across all industries. Built on a tired architecture, DocuChief (DC) can be used both as a cloud solution and a hybrid solution. DC is supported by both Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms for document indexing and data extraction. DocuChief has helped our customers to improve turn-around time, save costs and achieve accuracy as high as 99%.
DocuChief comes with four modules, used individually or in combination with each other.
DC Dex — works towards making the process automation seamless. Its unique features classify any data based on its content.This module is powered by Machine Learning (ML) technology and is easy to implement.
DC Xtract — is a module built on an integrated platform that automatically extracts data from extraction modules. It also builds custom extractors to redact data and leverage enhanced manual redaction features.
DC Redact — redacts sensitive data in documents by using our library of pre-configured extraction modules. It also builds custom extractors to redact data and leverage enhanced manual redact features.
DC Mark — creates bookmarks for any input format, which include scanned documents or those created digitally.
These components are carefully built to seamlessly reduce the time of a process while reducing human error. Compliance and cost savings are two of its many attributes.

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