A New Chapter in the Future of Work….Part IV

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Future of Work ……Productivity & Smart collaboration

In the last three blogs on the future of work, we have discussed how it is shaping in the current scenario. The Covid-19 impact forced most of the countries to go on lockdown and rolling out work from home policy which decelerated business and economy globally, in short putting the future of work in action.

With innovation and technology, the scattered workforce is adapting to a new way of collaborating and staying productive. Even though technology plays a crucial role in enhancing productivity, the abrupt change highlighted challenges that are affecting productivity and work execution.
To influence productivity across the work and workforce companies need to adapt and extend opportunities to light the spark in working from home environment.

Enhancing productivity across the team

Enhancing productivity for remote team is difficult, unlike office you cannot just expect the delivery within the stipulated time. The workplace itself keeps the employees motivated and help them to stay focused. Wherein, the log-in and log-out timeframe keep the employees on toes to complete the work on time. Hence, setting up a fixed shift time can put the entire team together; this will keep the performance and productivity of the team steady.

Here, the managers need to extend their team management skills to keep the team spirit high and motivated. Casual check-in on progress and light conversations in understanding the employee’s productivity issues can fix the problem and establish a better work relation and enhance the quality of work.
Sometime appreciation, healthy competition and rewards in form of incentives can boost the team performance and productivity. All team members can connect using video conference tool to share regular feedbacks and new numbers achieved with their teammates. This can help the team work together towards the goal while producing better quality of work.

Challenges in team collaboration

Sometimes the remote teams face conflict in communicating and collaborating whereby communication is crucial for team collaboration. While, collaborating there is always a room for miscommunication and misinterpretation these challenges can be easily settled by asking your team mates to clarify confusions whenever it crosses their mind having a centralized repository can help to bridge the communication gap and safeguard any misinterpretation. This helps the team to stay transparent as well as remain on the same page.

Thereby, availability of the teams across the company are crucial to collaborate, in an organization there are different teams and department operating at different hours, in this work from home scenario there needs to be an over-lapping shift timing where all the teams can be addressed on the go.

Smart collaboration

Implementing effective collaboration within the remote workforce is low paced but pays off over time. So, the team needs to collaborate and work together on the same platform which needs constant mapping of productivity and addressing the difficulties of accomplishing the work together.

How to map productivity across the workforce?
1. Transparency: You need to set transparent guideline and expectation so that the team can work towards a single goal which incorporates time management and communication methods.
2. Communication: For remote employees channelizing proper mode of communication is crucial to delivery, apart from emailing and texting which may take time to revert -a quick call is more effective.
3. Tools: Ensure your team has all necessary support to connect and collaborate effectively, it is important to use tools that are simple to use and easy to access adhering to IT security.
4. Set goal: Setting of goals is an effective method of boosting productivity because it gives your team a transparent objective to work towards. Set long-term and short-term goals, do check-in time to time to follow the progress.

With people settling to the new normal there will be challenges in communication and collaboration. All we need to do is stay connected during the business hours so that reaching out to any member of the team and outside the team is not an issue. Time and productivity play a crucial role hence managing both may be erratic but possible by adhering to time management and goal-oriented.


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