A New Chapter in the Future of Work….Part II

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2nd Chapter of Future of the Work

In our last blog, we have discussed the future of work, in this blog, we will talk about how outsourcing, offshoring or nearshoring can help your business. If one can work from home and be productive, similarly outsourcing can be beneficial too.
The global COVID-19 impact has paused the lives of billions and has put the livelihood at stake. But we’re performing everything, as usual, except stepping out of the home, however, work from home has allowed us to stay focused in our job.
Like every problem has a solution and situations like this can be best addressed by outsourcing, offshoring or near-shoring, it is like working on your business than in your business.

Outsourcing & Work from Home

Many businesses came to an abrupt halt due to the pandemic outbreak, which has slowed or paused the regular business operations across the industries. In general, businesses across the world do face challenges in terms of growth and development and having an in-house dedicated team is an expensive investment. Companies sometime refrain from outsourcing due to data security, overall monitoring and most importantly licensing. However, we know few operations has license restrictions depending on the state/country, wherein we need to find alternatives to be cost-efficient. In such situations, we can offshore non-license operations wherein, the license operation can be performed onshore.
Today, most of us are working from home and we’re being as productive as we’re in our workplace, so working from a remote location is not the problem. If you can work from home and deliver the same output, your offshore vendor can do the same for you that too at a competitive cost.
Wherein, the vendor will be providing all your business requirements such as specialized team, IT infra, training, data security etc. The idea is to improve the business operations, needless to say, you get to focus on your core business areas, while the support functions can be taken care by your vendor.

Staying focused

Survival of business is all about keeping the data safe and secured, today with technology all remote workers can access data through cloud computing using secured channels (VPN and RDP). In this unforeseen situation, work from home will prevail for some time disrupting the workplace notions.
Whereby employees working from a remote location can support business operations following stringent protocols to safely access server and data.
Outsourcing to a domain partner is the best bet, as they have knowledge and expertise in your line of business and additionally a pool of specialized team ready to deploy.
Communication and documentation play a critical role in the success of outsourcing the project, thus making every instruction documented and FAQ’s updated can help the companies bridge the communication gap and remain transparent.


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