A New Chapter in the Future of Work…..Part I

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COVID-19 impact has changed too many things for too many people, but one thing where we all can relate is ‘work’.

This impact is influencing the work triangle: the work itself, the people who get the work done and where it is done. It is significant to anticipate the ongoing impact and figure what we can do in order to survive this pandemic.

So, considering the diverse converging trend and their change in the pattern of work, companies should learn how to respond to the new normal.


Staying Connected


The objective is to get work done, be it from a distributed workforce or workplace-bounded workforce, the idea is to be more productive, efficient, and while establishing best work pattern for leveraging business operations.

Although this is the first time when the majority of the companies has mandated work from home, but work from home is nothing new. Many freelancers and employees work remotely, all they need is high-speed internet.


Working without Workplace


At workplace everything is stationed and plugged, be it computers or servers etc. and the team collaboration makes it a success. Usually, in the workplace we get certain advantage like when we face issues, we just walk-in to the right cubicle to get it fixed.

As a matter of fact, one can collaborate and work, using technology and software, for instance, we can shift from desktop to laptop, servers to cloud computing and from a physical presence to virtual ‘hi’.

Since data is the most important asset for any organization an employee working remotely can access data through a secured channel (using VPN and RDP).

So, it is just a belief that work cannot be done beyond the workplace.

In the beginning, it is challenging to work from home, but once settled there is nothing that can beat it. As a matter of fact, we have seen how the outsourcing industry evolved in the last two decades and how distributing their workload to various countries were executed successfully; whereby the mode of communication was through detailed documentation.


Outsourcing is the new normal


Across the global marketplace today the new normal is outsourcing, it offers the business to grow while focusing on its core business concern. All though outsourcing has its own pros and cons, in this situation, keeping business operational is challenging especially when your current workforce is scattered.

The recent pandemic has changed the entire concept of work, workplace and workforce. We are quite aware of how the organizations adopt the technology in their pursuits. A business needs to be responsive so that it can seize the opportunity across the business disciplines.



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