Is your business prepared to sustain the COVID-19 Impact?

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Is your business prepared to sustain the COVID-19 Impact?

The introduction of COVID-19 disrupted the dynamism and the strength of the economy, as we are walking towards an unknown tomorrow, where we may face a worldwide economic collapse and the repercussions of the impact stay unplanned.

The mortgage industry is struggling to meet the federal mandates, and with the mortgage rates hitting an all-time low, nearly 22 million homeowners are seeking to refinance. There is a lot of pressure building up on the servicers’ end, wherein, increased applications for forbearance leading to counter default management and loss mitigation etc. are going to create a huge demand for experienced workforce.

It’s a difficult scenario to handle the sudden influx, as most of the business operations has come to a sudden halt due to worldwide lockdown, we at Nexval are prepared to handle this influx and support the companies who are facing these challenges.
We’re open but not limited to the following services:

Nexval has been serving the mortgage industry for over a decade, with in-depth experience in component Servicing, Origination, Property Preservation and Title & Settlement services, we have been successfully supporting the top players in this industry.

During this crisis situation, with our modified business contingency plan, we have been able to deploy our 100% workforce to be operational from remote locations, as our prime priority is the wellbeing of our employees’ and their families health, we have successfully been able to take approval from all our existing clients keeping data security and integrity at check. There were quite a few changes that we made in our IT infra to make this possible.

We took the challenge of providing individuals with our office machines which had all the required software and applications to safeguard any misuse of client data.

We implemented the following precautionary measures to keep information security at check:

  • Remote Access: Data can be accessed through VPN and Citrix tunnel.
  • Endpoint Security: USB ports were disabled and eScan antivirus (daily update) were installed in all machines.
  • Monitoring: Screen activity monitoring and capturing during workhours for additional security were implemented.

We have mentioned just a few security protocols that were implemented.

We’re maintaining an extra workforce readily available for companies who need outsourcing assistance.
We understand your challenges in order to sustain the COVID-19 impact on your business and resources, do get in touch with us to know how we can help you during this crucial time.

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