Our Response to COVID-19

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Our Response to COVID-19

Business continuity with employees’ safety as we deal with the new normal.

Ensuring information security while doing business as usual to minimize disruption of client services. Know More.

In the light of COVID19, we are adjusting to the new normal and it’s time to embrace the new challenges and overcome obstacles, as we may face tougher times ahead of us. The disruption caused by COVID19 pandemic is unprecedented across the globe, and worldwide people have come together to fight this crisis.

In this current situation, we are focusing on our employees’ wellbeing and safety, while ensuring we meet all our client commitments diligently. We’ve switched to remote working space with all essential IT Infra support to run a smooth transition of business operations and follow the information security guideline and ensure business continuity.

Our Approach:

In response to the unprecedented lockdown period, this is the first time we have unplugged our workforce from their respective workstations. We are settling with the new normal, hence we have introduced WFH policy in our business continuity plan to align with the crisis demands.

We approached our clients with our modified business continuity plan and got approval for our employees to commence work from home. As per our company policy, we have arranged prerequisites such as dual-screen systems, software and secured communication tool to streamline the workflow.

The following security controls are implemented:

1. Authorize: Only authorized users, who are identified as a critical resource by their Operations Head will be eligible for WFH.

2. Remote Access: Client’s data can be accessed through VPN or Citrix.

3. Endpoint security: USB ports are disabled. We are using eScan antivirus and it is updated daily.

4. Encryption: Encryption of data in transit.

5. Security Operations and Incident Response: All users are registered over helpdesk/Incident management tool “Kayako”. In case of any event which has any impact on business is noticed, users will be able to register his/her complain.

6. Physical Security: Security awareness training is conducted through video conference.

7. Data Security: Print Screen/Print option is disabled.

8. Screen Activity monitoring and capturing during work hours for added security.

As the global response continues to progress, we understand that companies across the world are facing challenges to rise to the occasion. Our crisis management team is currently working with all our clients across the US helping them to continue their business smoothly to the possible limits with Nexval’s offshore centre.


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