Business Continuity Plan in Action Amidst of COVID-19

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Overview: The spread and scare of COVID19 has left businesses around the globe counting costs. The abrupt unplugging from the organized workplace and switching to remote workspace has been challenging for most of the companies to keep their business operational.

Client Story: Our clients are renowned industry partners for document research and remediation services, Servicers, Originator, Property Preservation and Title companies for whom we have been the outsourcing partner for the past 10+ years.

Business concerns

• With the current delivery center locked down, will there be a backup facility to run the operations?
• What will be the timeline to reinstate the process?
• What will be the time frame for getting back-up to production?
• Can the completion number (releases and assignments) be doubled, in case of major impact?


We utilized our business continuation plan to provide 24 hours of support to maintain productivity. The crisis management team was deployed and ensured all necessary IT Infra is made available to Nexval’s employees working from home within 72 to 120 hours. Additionally, a VPN tunnel was created to meet the mandates of information security policy.

Solutions Delivered by Nexval:

• To settle unprecedented interruptions, it takes 4-5 business days, our crisis management team made it possible within 3 business days to reinstate their business process.
• With our business continuity plan in place, we were able to back-up the production within 48 business hours.
• We have a pool of seasoned mortgage banking associates, which have been deployed across all mortgage processes; and additional workforce are on standby for onshore client’s operations to double up the completion number.
• We activated our work from home policy, as most of the states are affected with COVID-19. Deployed necessary IT infra to support our associates working remotely for smooth transition. Our banking associates can work from home using VPN tunnel to ensure information security protocols are being followed.


• We significantly minimized disruption of services/SLAs.
• Within 48 hours, production was reinstated.
• Ensured information security policies are on par with no deviations.
• Immediate deployment of additional workforce.
• Maintained TAT and quality scores.


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